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The hospital complex is a three-storey building with a pent house. The building is about 60% completed. The oxygen piping is being expected to commence anytime from now. The façade of the building will have glass from up to down. This is expected to commence before the end of the year. The other internal finishing is expected to commence in early 2019.

More funds are required to achieve the outstanding works bearing in mind that it is going to be a world class hospital.  However, we are racing against time. More work is still required to achieve our goal.

So far, all the required hospital beds have been procured including the following:

Transfer connecting stretcher 2/2

Transfer connecting stretcher 1/2

Patient Stretcher

Luxurious Baby carts

Electric Paediatric Beds

Manual Paediatric Beds

Electric Operating Beds

Baby Warmer

Five Functions Electric Beds (Obesity)

Three Function Electric Beds

Five Functions Electric Beds

Intensive Care Unit Bed with scale

Intensive Care Unit Bed (Ordinary)

Electric Wheel Chairs

Ordinary Wheel Chairs

Instrument cupboards


Other equipment we intend to purchase are:

- Mammogram

- 4D Ultra Scan Machine

- CT Scan Machine

- MRI Machine

We appreciate your support in any little way. For further enquiries, please see our contact page.


The warehouse will be used for the storage of equipment and other food products. There are two warehouses currently been built, both are near completion. However, the lighting and heating is still in progress.

A cottage industry is currently in progress to be used for food production. Our goal is to help feed the less privilege and we are setting up a structure that will produce and preserve food to avoid wastage.

We need machines for food milling and drying grains which we will then distribute to regions all over the world facing famine and food shortages.

If you would like to support us on this mission, please see our contact page.


This is a special centre designed to help provide employment for people. We believe in entrepreneurship and we are keen to equip people to meet their own needs. We are excited about the interest shown by our local community who have willingly enrolled into our scheme. We are currently focused in developing skills in joinery (carpentry) which has been a huge success. We want to expand to other skill sets such as tailoring (fashion), catering and farming.

If you would like to support our journey to reducing unemployment, please see our contact page